ZCode System Line Reversals

An Incredibly Effective Tool on Line Moves and Odds!

The ZCode™ Line Reversal tool is a renowned feature of the ZCode™ System that enables members to view live changes in how lines moves and how odds change at different times of the day. The Line Reversal is a must have tool for serious investors in sport betting who want to see live changes of lines, spreads, and totals, along with odds, charts, and public percentages on a team. In simple words, it allows the user to make ‘smart money’ decisions and drive away from betting blindly.

The Line Reversal tool is your solution to identify sharp moves while avoiding betting against the house at the same time, as it displays Vegas percentages as well. The tool is fairly easy to use and you can watch the tutorial in order to understand how it works.


The Line Reversal tool is stacked with impressive features that can help you win big through the ZCode™ System. It is comprehensively integrated with the ZCode™ System and includes:
Real time charts and odd – All LIVE with no delays.
No middleman involved – Odds come directly from bookies.
No additional charges – Available for free with the ZCode™ System VIP membership.
Automatic updates – No need to refresh.
One click function to switch between games – saves navigation time and allows you to check games lines of yesterday or older.

Odds available in two formats – handy for both US and EU members.
Straightforward – clearly indicates the underdogs and the favorites in a match.
View ticket info and public percentages on charts – Simply click on ‘Show All’ to see all the available information about a game or match with one simple tool.

The Line Reversal tool comes with color codes that indicate the movement of the public money. For instance, the color orange indicates that there is a large amount of public money on one side. Red, on the other hand, indicates an even larger amount of public money on one side. Hence, Line Reversals allows you to bet on teams with spread, run line, or puck line against teams where a large amount of public money is on one side. Other features of the tool include:
Spread Tix Difference – Difference between home and away teams in spread tickets. This is common in NBA and NFL games.

ML Tix Difference – Difference between home and away teams in ML tickets.
Total Tix Difference – Different between over and under in number of tickets.
Public Popularity Rank – Ranking all games on a given day.
The Line Reversal tool is your winning formula to making good income from sport betting.

Become a VIP member and use Line Reversals for free!



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