Is The ZCode™ System Really A Scam?

Hello everyone, this is your favorite ZCode™ System community expert, Jake Rues here, with yet another edition of whether or not the ZCode™ System is really a scam? You have probably heard a lot about the ZCode™ System, especially in the past two to three years. You may even have read various reviews saying that the ZCode™ System is a total waste of money, a scam, and something that you should only refer to people you hate.

Well, I’m here to shed some light on the truth regarding the ZCode™ System, based on my experiences and experiences of thousands of our members who are real people earning real money with a system that is the real deal!

The Review

Before I get started, I want to tell you something that you should know now that you’re here. If you have come across any articles or reviews claiming that the ZCode™ System is illegal; then report them. How can something that was tested live in front of more than 12,000 fans on Facebook be illegal? It is really difficult to comprehend that. It would only be illegal if it was an online casino house that is not commissioned by a state gambling license commission. Simple as that – let’s move on.

Many people claim that the ZCode™ System does not offer what it ‘markets’. Well, if those people have been to the website, they would know exactly what ZCode™ System markets and provides. You don’t see billboards or internet ads for the ZCode™ System. This is because it doesn’t need to market itself. There are already 100,000 members on the ZCode™ System who are earning money legitimately with what they love – and that’s betting on sports.

Last but not the least, many haters claim that the ZCode™ System is just a way for the developers to make good money. It is because the developers are earning great, but so are the members who are getting accurate predictions for upcoming games and matches. In other words, there is no such thing as the ‘house edge’ when it comes to ZCode™ System because everything is transparent and the predictions are made right in front of you. On top of that, there’s a whole community of people with experience and sharing their stories! to the ZCode™ System community.


The ZCode™ System is probably the best thing that has happened to online sports betting since online sports betting was introduced. People like you and me can now earn a lively income without working a 9 to 5 job we don’t like, to buy things we can’t afford. We can now control our finances and our life with the help of ZCode™ System.

If you love watching sports and have a knack for a good bet, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t invest in the ZCode™ System. All it takes is a $198 a month membership to get started with the ZCode VIP Club Pass. From there on, you will realize the true value for money the ZCode™ System provides!